24th Jul2011

Wedding Photography Tips for The Couples in Kenya

by Owich

When you plan your wedding, there is one thing you could easily forget, i.e. planning proper wedding photography. Should you plan this important aspect of the wedding? If so, how do you go about it.

When dust settles after your wedding and honeymoon, you are left with two things;

20 mat michelle kiss 150x150 Wedding Photography Tips for The Couples in Kenya

Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

  1. The spouse you got married to
  2. The memory of your wedding ceremony

Since you are happy with the spouse you’re married to then you need to be as happy with the lovely memories of that day. You will only achieve this if you do two things:

  1. Plan for your Wedding Photography
  2. Plan for your Wedding Videography

The two are very crucial and their importance cannot be under-estimated. Failure to plan for the two means you will fail to capture one of the most important events in your life. (more…)