21st Sep2011

15 Best Wedding Photo Shoot Places in Nairobi Kenya

by Owich

There is a big challenge in ranking the best photo shoot places in Nairobi Kenya. One is left to choose for themselves either by cost or the beauty of the place. The beauty is supposed to be reflected in the price but its not always so.

Another criteria is by nearness to the wedding ceremony or wedding reception might influence your choice of a photo shoot place. With all the hassles and bustles created by the city’s traffic one can’t go too far away and get stuck while your friends await you.

The list not a direct recommendation of their services but a display of options to enable you check out their services and compare with what others offer.

I believe with many options you will be well guided to make an informed decision and have nice memories of the wedding day.In the list I want to give you the name, cost and direction of the place to enable you locate their services. (more…)