26th Jun2011

Why Do We Take Photos?

by Owich

For some reason you’re told to smile and pose for a photo  and then the photo appears, Why do we take photos?

Why Do We Take Photos?

When I was a child and my mum would dress us up with the best clothes she recently purchased. She would sit us in a chair or take us to a nice place in the garden. We would gladly obey and sometimes we’re the ones who moved her to take photos.

Dad on the other hand would take us out to places like Uhuru park and  Sarit Center. These were the best photo-shoot places we new about and could afford then. Then when I grew up and continued in the same trend; taking photos. So why do we do take pictures? (more…)

25th Jun2011

What is Picture Kenya about?

by Owich

It is important to know what we Picture Kenya is all about. What motivates us, and why we do what we do.

Picture Kenya What is Picture Kenya about?

Picture Kenya

More on What Picture Kenya is?

Picture Kenya is set up to give you a true description of the reality on the life in Kenya. Kenya being an African country located in the East African area.

Its full of many great people and stories that are never told to the world. These stories are hidden and only revealed when we see photos.

Why photos? Since time immemorial men and women have been taking pictures. We could ask why they took pictures but pictures spoke of who they are and their historic cultures. (more…)