19th Aug2011

About Kenya

by Owich

Image of Kenya on Map About Kenya


Kenya; I am sure thinking about Kenya evokes different emotions and pictures in your mind but there is one thing that I am sure brings a smile to you; her prowess to dominate in the world of athletics. But there’s more about Kenya that one needs to take time to discover and learn about.

The mesmerizing thing about Kenya is the diversity of her people as well as her geographical terrain. Kenya has a long coastline which runs along the Indian Ocean with its beautiful sandy white beaches.

As you move inland you discover another interesting feature about Kenya; the landscape changes to savannah grasslands, arid and semi-arid bushes with the central and western regions having forests and mountains while the northern region has a near desert terrain.

The exciting thing about Kenya is that while it only experiences two seasons namely the rainy and dry, it is one of the leading exporters of high quality tea, coffee and fresh flowers to the Europe. (more…)