12th Oct2011

History of Professional Photography in Kenya

by Owich

Photography in Kenya is one great art that has been practiced for quite a long time and silently making people rich. Photography is such an important art as it stores details of time and place with a great form of accuracy. The human brain has always been challenged with memory loss. People used to argue about small things that happened in the past as different individuals reported facts differently.

Pinhole camera 150x150 History of Professional Photography in Kenya

Pinhole Camera

This prompted the use of drawings, carvings and photography. The use of photography started in the era of the Joseph Nicephore Niepce inventing camera obscura ( which is also called the pin hole camera). It has since developed into the digital camera and High definition digital cameras.

The pin hole camera was the most basic of all cameras, it used the principle of light passing through a tiny hole and the resulting image posted on the opposite side. Cameras then evolved through other great inventions as other scientists put their heads into action. Cameras soon made their way to Africa as most of the continent became under colonial rule.

The colonialists brought with them the traditions of picture taking using the film camera. At that time many slaves were afraid of the flash light coming  from film cameras. The masters had to take their pictures and use them for price bargain. The colonialists soon handed African Leaders these new traditions as their departed Africa. Africa embraced this new form of art alongside historical stone and wall carvings which they used to create great memories.

Historical Representation of Photography in Kenya

Tom Mboya and Mzee Jomo Kenyatta History of Professional Photography in Kenya

Newly elected Premier of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta Waves to Crowd

Photography has been represented in many ways in Kenya. We have pictures of both the colonial era and post colonial era. the images have been stored in the Kenya National Archive. The Archive contains memories of great leaders and people who played different roles in the independence of the republic.

Pictures of the Chiefs and tribal elders, Mau Mau freedom fighters, the late minister Tom Mboya, The first president of the country and together with many others having a bearing on Kenya’s history. The images hold a lot of historical meaning and are able to give future generations answers regarding their country’s background and how they gained independence.

Many people have embraced photography and use the skills to make money. We have paparazzi’s  situated in every village in Kenya. Photography is no longer a thing for the colonialist but a must for all. Whether you go for the services of amateurs, paparazzi or professionals, the art cannot be downplayed. Many colleges have started offering photography courses alongside other media courses.

Since the post election crisis experienced by Kenyans after the 2007 elections, Kenyans realized that they needed to reconcile with each other, encourage truth and justice for the victims as they saw the emotional images of their loved one’s death. The photos revealed grave details of the events during the country’s time of crisis.

digital photography 1 300x242 History of Professional Photography in Kenya

History of Professional Photography in Kenya

Indeed photography can bring back feelings of both joy and sorrow as you reminisce the past. Events like family outing, family get together, social functions, national events like the promulgation of the New Constitution of Kenya and Weddings cannot go without photography. Those who afford the services of a professional photographer or those who use their personal digital cameras also enjoy events without worry. Digital Cameras have become relatively affordable and many Kenyan households have them.

Appreciating Art of Professional Photography in Kenya

Many professional photographers have developed in recent times with great works to show for their service. Integrating photography with the daily lifestyles, Kenyans are also buying cameras in loads. Most cameras which have come into the Kenyan market are both affordable and give good picture quality. If you look at the antique look produced in black and white photography and landscape photos found in the Kenya National Archive you realize that Kenyans do have great photography skills.

Professional Wedding Photography in Kenya

Wedding Photography is the new area of attention as everyone longs to remember the most precious time of their life. This is the time they made a lifetime commitment to their spouse. Professional photographers show their skill in the product of their artistic delivery.

Though in this field not all who claim to be professionals are, there are those amateurs who use the functions to sharpen their skills and mature and experienced photographers who have been in the industry for a long time. The choice is yours as price also varies depending on the level of skill possessed by each photographer. If you want to know more about professional wedding photographers in Kenya then our articles will offer you a start in the right direction