14th Aug2011

Enjoying Ethnic or Traditional Music in Kenya

by Owich

What you need to know about nightlife, clubbing and enjoying ethnic or traditional music in Kenya.  Without proper information on how to enjoy  your night you might stay in you bedroom and miss out on great chances. Popular music in Kenya encompasses a wider range of styles of both local and international origin.   In Kenya, culture is one of the crucial factors in defining music.

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Traditional Drums

Instruments used for traditional music include the African drum (ngoma) variety of rattles and shakers, small harps the wandindi (kikuyu fiddle) and the nyatiti which is widely used in western Kenya.

Nairobi people love the partying and this is one factor that makes the night scene in Nairobi so fascinating and enjoyable. The Partying culture ensures you find party-buddies in the clubs even on the normal weekdays. (more…)