21st Jul2011

Birdwatching Secrets in Kenya

by Owich

Birdwatching secrets in Kenya refers to is a form of tourism that refers to observing birds of all kinds in their natural state. Kenya happens to have plenty of birds in the country’s stunning biodiversity. Wild Birds can also be found in simple places like Nairobi roadways among other places including your own backyard.

helpedbirdpics 300x146 Birdwatching Secrets in Kenya

Birdwatching Secrets in Kenya

Birds include poultry that’s domesticated by many Kenyans. Many households have taken to domesticating various breeds of chicken, ducks, and the all famous goose family.

This is encouraged as it creates interdependent relationship between the birds and human beings.

However there are some rather unusual and wild species of birds that are unique to the African territory.  They are unusual because you would rarely get the opportunity to see them. (more…)