12th Jul2011
Mombasa City

What is the Genesis of Mombasa City?

Mombasa City dates back to the 16th century. Having began as a result of Arab and Portuguese trade influence in the Kenya’s coastal area. Genesis of Mombasa City? Mombasa started as the Portuguese and Arabs landed along the coastal strip of Kenya. The...

12th Jul2011
Picture of Education in Kenya

Picture Education in Kenya Intresting facts

Why the old men are joining the young in quest for education in Kenya. Why Education in Kenya is interesting? The government of Kenya has now empowered it’s citizens by providing free primary education. This is very good news to both the young and the...

28th Jun2011
Nairobi Pictures

Do We Really Picture Nairobi City as The City Under The Sun?

People Picture Nairobi City as a city under the Sun but I think it shouldn’t be called so. Picture Nairobi City Nairobi is a capital city located in Kenya East Africa. Its most recognizable because of its Tall buildings and busyness that the residents...

26th Jun2011
Picture Kenya

Why Do We Take Photos?

For some reason you’re told to smile and pose for a photo  and then the photo appears, Why do we take photos? Why Do We Take Photos? When I was a child and my mum would dress us up with the best clothes she recently purchased. She would sit us in a...

25th Jun2011

What is Picture Kenya about?

It is important to know what we Picture Kenya is all about. What motivates us, and why we do what we do. More on What Picture Kenya is? Picture Kenya is set up to give you a true description of the reality on the life in Kenya. Kenya being an African country...

23rd Jun2011
Picture Kenya

Why Picture Kenya?

It is true that Picture Kenya is very unique in many ways. Kenya is a country of great people and cultures. It is also true that we have a habit of capturing photos of things and events that matter most in our life. Why Picture Kenya? The Images you remain...