12th Jul2011

What is the Genesis of Mombasa City?

by Owich

Mombasa City dates back to the 16th century. Having began as a result of Arab and Portuguese trade influence in the Kenya’s coastal area.

Currency in Mombasa What is the Genesis of Mombasa City?

Mombasa City

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Tusks in Mombasa City

Genesis of Mombasa City?

Mombasa started as the Portuguese and Arabs landed along the coastal strip of Kenya. The Portuguese under the leadership of Vasco da Gama arrived while touring the world.

They came to the region not only to trade spices, cotton and coffee but also spread the Christian faith. The Omani Arabs who are predominantly Muslim also saw the caostal region as rich in Ivory and other minerals.

Since the locals were illiterate and majorly relied on hunting and long distance trading. The two traders took advantage of locals and made them slaves. (more…)

28th Jun2011

Do We Really Picture Nairobi City as The City Under The Sun?

by Owich

People Picture Nairobi City as a city under the Sun but I think it shouldn’t be called so.

Picture Nairobi City

Nairobi is a capital city located in Kenya East Africa. Its most recognizable because of its Tall buildings and busyness that the residents portray. The people sometimes find themselves in an cloud, lost in the business of building the nation but are friendly. This city has a rich history. (more…)