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Kenya is a country located in the East Africa region of Africa. The country’s name came from traditional stories about Kenya. One of the stories is by the Akamba community who called it “Keenya” which meant a “place of snow” refering to the snow at the peak of Mt. Kenya. The Europeans who visited the country then found it hard calling the name and settled for shorter versions of the name calling it “Kenia” and “Kenya” The later  prevailed and hence the name Kenya.

Picture Kenya is all about Kenya and helping the world understand that there is more to the Nation than just the name “Kenya”, The warmth of the people, cultures, talents, athletic prowess, tour and travel sites, sense of humor, diversity of natural resources, cities and towns, women and so much more.

Picture Kenya tries to bring a pictorial message to show you what Kenya is like, why you need to visit Kenya and why you need to make Kenya your ultimate tour destination.

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Mt. Kenya

Picture Kenya was formed by young  Kenyans who are in love with their country and the fact that God chose to bless us with a land so beautiful and a people so unique.

Picture Kenya also allows you to upload your photos of Kenya and share with all lovers of Kenya in the whole world.

  • Jemimah

    This is awesome and beautiful. This makes me love Kenya more and more. Kudos!