12th Jul2011

Picture Education in Kenya Intresting facts

by Owich

Why the old men are joining the young in quest for education in Kenya.

Picture of Mzee Maruge Picture Education in Kenya Intresting facts

Picture of Mzee Maruge in Class

Why Education in Kenya is interesting?

The government of Kenya has now empowered it’s citizens by providing free primary education. This is very good news to both the young and the old.

The 8-4-4 system of education enrolls children at the age of 5yrs to approximately 24yrs of age. This simply means 8yrs of primary education, 4yrs of Secondary education, and 4yrs of Higher or tertiary education.

This system of education is very much involving and calls for excellence in every area.

The school curriculum is revised every so often to give the student the most current skills required in the society. Kenya’s education has a competitive platform in the world for a very long time.

Kenya is still ranked top in providing education in East and Central Africa. There are students from the other neighboring countries who come for their college and professional education here.

System of Education in Kenya

Learning starts at the very tender ages of 3yrs. This is when your child starts a real quest for knowledge. It is important that your child goes through the early childhood care centers or preschools.

This is where basic learning starts.

Free Primary Education in Kenya

images Picture Education in Kenya Intresting facts

Picture of Free Primary Education in Kenya

The government has made it possible for Kenyans to go through this level of education without the worry of paying school fees. Though this weighs in on the taxpayer.

The government had to take this option to ensure that every citizen has access to basic education. All the child requires is to wake up and appear in class, Wow! This is great news to all students.

The students are taught 5 major subjects covering all relevant areas of study.

Secondary Education in Kenya

The government has not abandoned its responsibility here. The government provides bursaries and partial sponsorship to support parents having trouble paying fees. The students are taught with an aim at specialisation. The information is well followed with alot of guidance and counseling to help the student make wise choices.

There is a further call to drop the irrelevant fields of study by the second year of study. This enables the student to start focusing on their field more whether engineering, technology, business or art.

University Education in Kenya
imagesCATF20Y1 Picture Education in Kenya Intresting facts

Picture of University Education in Kenya

The government is also increasing the number of Universities. The Polytechnics and other colleges are being upgraded to universities. This means more campuses to meet the demand for knowledge.

The partnerships between existing public universities and polytechnics is very helpful. Previously a big number of students who finished their high school were not able to continue on to campus. Now the problem has been arrested thanks to increased University intake.

The university campuses are also focusing on market driven courses to deal with social irrelevance.

Earlier students would study areas or fields that are hard to implement there after. Graduands will no longer have to become touts for lack of jobs as the government is working on creating more jobs.

Kenyans have always been regarded highly as very learned people in the world. This has led to Kenyans working in all countries in the world today.

This shows that the quality of education in Kenya is very good.

Professional Education in Kenya

There are many professional bodies setup to both train, examine and regulate professional services in Kenya.

Some of the Professional bodies include KASNEB and ICPAK which handle examination of accountants and regulation of accounting and auditing services in Kenya respectively.

Other bodies include Kenya School of Law and The Law Society of Kenya which take care of the legal professions. Professional services are not limited to the above stated only as we have Medical and Architectural societies, Human resource amongst others.

Experience Education in Kenya

imagesCASRS6SC Picture Education in Kenya Intresting facts

Picture of Education in Kenya

Kenya prides itself in offering education even to neighboring East and Central African countries including the newly formed Republic of South Sudan.

Kenya is not only educating but also supporting the Republic of South Sudan in establishing a stable system of government.

There are alot of skills to be learnt before one is let out into the world. We encourage you to go ahead and join us in experiencing Education in Kenya.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mathara.munano Mathara Munano

    Education in Kenya is becoming more emphasized and I like the commitment the government is showing. Nice article.

    • http://picturekenya.com Owich

      Thank you so much Mathara, we hope the government will continue to do more. Enjoy our other posts.

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