27th Sep2011

Want to Know How to Dress to Impress at Work? Here are Smart Dress Code Tips

by Owich

Smart Business Dress Code Cartoon 300x258 Want to Know How to Dress to Impress at Work? Here are Smart Dress Code Tips

Smart Business Dress Code Cartoon

You want to dress to impress in your workplace and don’t know where to start, I want to give you some smart dress code tips that will help you. You probably have difficulty choosing what to put on in the morning before you dash out to work.

You look through the nice clothes you purchased and can’t find matching ones. Maybe you have a habit of putting on the new clad you bought until it wears out.

You end up stranded in choosing what to put on to work. If you dress in clothing that don’t represent who you are within then this is for you. I want to provide you with some guidelines so that the color and other enticing features cannot deceive you into going the wrong way.

Why You Must dress to impress at work?

The way you dress reflects your personality and your approach to life in general, meaning you’d better be careful how you go about this daily task. You want people at work to respect you, see you as a welcoming and calm and mild person. You don’t want to draw attention to the wrong things.

Dressing talks a lot about you. One is always judged by the way they dress no matter which profession they are or position they hold. Always dress in way you would love to be looked at. You can gauge the level of respect you command by the way your colleagues approach you. Dressing starts from top to bottom|head to toe|hair to shoe whichever you call it.

Tips on How to Dress to Impress at Work|Smart Business Dress Code Tips

  1. You will never go wrong with dark suits like black, grey and brown as they can match almost anything you have in the closet. Avoid bright colors like Orange and Yellow.
  2. Ladies: Wear something comfortable. Avoid very short skirts and tight trousers or battling itchy fabric. You don’t want to endure the day so don’t try.
  3. Expectant Women: This is an important group that we can’t afford to leave out, with many shops selling different outfits. It is good that you go with what makes you and everyone around you comfortable.
  4. A mild well done make-up makes one look elegant however, avoid having too much of it as you might end up becoming a scare crow.
  5. Perfumes are meant to make anyone around you appreciate your presence rather than move away. They are good when worn mild and not mixing different perfumes. Some could react with your skin so be careful with the ones you put on.
  6. A well done haircut or hair design will always build one’s self confidence. However, avoid ‘wild teenage designs’ as you’re going to work not a crazy party in Vegas.
  7. Always dress according to the weather, the weather will dictate whether you go for summer wear or winter wear. however you should avoid extremity when dressing.
  8. Think like an empowered woman not a girlie glamor.
  9. Your clothes must fit you not the other way round. You don’t want someone l0oking at you and seeing your mother, little sister or brother in the dress/suit you wear. They should see you not them.
  10. Dress in a manner that makes you more confident about yourself. Always wear a dress that’s well coordinated and gives you an easy look from colleagues.
  11. Complete your look with simple elegant and matching accessories, though avoid trying to match everything including the socks.
  12. Don’t have an I don’t care attitude as it will do you no good. Why should you be given a warning letter for poor dressing? It is very embarrassing for anyone working.
  13. Be sensitive to different people around you, even if you don’t have the same social background. The fact that they work with you means you need to respect both their religion, age or work ethics.
  14. Lastly, Never let your dressing code be mistaken for seeking attention. Remember you came to work and not a social function somewhere.
Smart Business Dress Code Want to Know How to Dress to Impress at Work? Here are Smart Dress Code Tips

Smart Business Dress Codes

 Yes You need to dress to impress at work

Without looking fabulous and respectable at work you feel out of place and run into constant problems with both bosses and colleagues a like. I hope with the above dress code tips you’ll excel and possibly be voted the smartest worker. Good luck as I have given you Smart dress code tips to use failure to which you’ll have none to blame.