28th Jun2011

Do We Really Picture Nairobi City as The City Under The Sun?

by Owich

People Picture Nairobi City as a city under the Sun but I think it shouldn’t be called so.

Picture Nairobi City

Nairobi is a capital city located in Kenya East Africa. Its most recognizable because of its Tall buildings and busyness that the residents portray. The people sometimes find themselves in an cloud, lost in the business of building the nation but are friendly. This city has a rich history.

Picture Nairobi 300x279 Do We Really Picture Nairobi City as The City Under The Sun?

Picture Nairobi

Picture Nairobi City’s name ‘Nairobi’ where did it come from?

The name is said to have come from the Nomadic Masai community who would say uaso nairobi (cold water) or “Enkare Nyirobi (city of cool waters)” referring to the Nairobi river. This is where they used to bring their herds for water. It was often referred to as “the place of cool waters.”

After that the British started building a railway from Kenya to the neighboring Uganda. This resulted in moving their capital from Mombasa closer to destination. They moved the administrative capital to a town known as Machakos then to Nairobi. Nairobi became the capital city of the Kenyan protectorate.

The city is managed by the City Council of Nairobi soon to be renamed “County of Nairobi City”under the New Constitution of Kenya. The new leadership will be headed by a Governor and will have several representatives of the people to govern it.

Picture Nairobi City’s Recognizable Features?

  • Closeness to Wildlife: Its the only city that is so closest to the National Park. The Nairobi National Park is less than 8kms from the city center. This means that once you arrive there you’re guaranteed to see the wildlife. The Giraffes, Leopards, Lions, Elephants Rhinocerous are all found there. The animal orphanage and Safari walk bring the wildlife experience closer to you.
images 66 Do We Really Picture Nairobi City as The City Under The Sun?

Picture of Nairobi Wildlife

  • There is Variety of Transport modes both in and around the city: The airports are Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport but the later only handles small or chattered aircraft. There are many taxis and buses that ply the city routes. The fares are very pocket friendly.
  • The Hotels and Restaurants are well developed: You’ll be able to find many classes of hotels and restaurants starting from those with no star to those with six stars. Some hotels even offer seminar and conference services together with  accommodation plus a vast list of other services. You can sample the dishes from the hotels and tell us you experience.
  • The City has a very unique Nightlife: We used to think that people go to sleep when the dark enters. This is not so with Nairobi City since many people start their work shifts at this time. Others join in to party and the nightlife in is seen very presently  in clubs/pubs. The beer drinkers are in plenty at this time.
Nairobi nightlife 300x300 Do We Really Picture Nairobi City as The City Under The Sun?

Nairobi Nightlife

Picture Nairobi City Transportation

There are many ways to get there. One through through Air transport and the other by bus.  Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is one busy airport. Its recognizable internationally for being the get-way to Africa in general. The flights will connect you to major destination points in both Africa and the world.

There are buses connecting Nairobi to other major towns like Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru in Kenya, Arusha in Tanzania and Kampala Uganda among others.

When we Picture Nairobi City we can actually say that it is a place of cool waters and plenty of wildlife and Not just a City under the Sun.



  • Erik Omuka Wonda

    My City I am Proud of

  • http://ictsolutionshub.com Davis

    You take us back to our good, old heritage. I feel we have a lot to do to retain the lost glory – “The city in the sun”.

  • Jemimah

    True, Nairobi is not just a city under the sun but even more beautiful under the stars!!!!good job

    • http://picturekenya.com Owich

      Thank you allot for you support, we appreciate