24th Jul2011

Wedding Photography Tips for The Couples in Kenya

by Owich

When you plan your wedding, there is one thing you could easily forget, i.e. planning proper wedding photography. Should you plan this important aspect of the wedding? If so, how do you go about it.

When dust settles after your wedding and honeymoon, you are left with two things;

20 mat michelle kiss 150x150 Wedding Photography Tips for The Couples in Kenya

Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

  1. The spouse you got married to
  2. The memory of your wedding ceremony

Since you are happy with the spouse you’re married to then you need to be as happy with the lovely memories of that day. You will only achieve this if you do two things:

  1. Plan for your Wedding Photography
  2. Plan for your Wedding Videography

The two are very crucial and their importance cannot be under-estimated. Failure to plan for the two means you will fail to capture one of the most important events in your life.

How to plan for your wedding photography and videography

  1. Source for a Wedding Photographer: Identify the photographer of you choice depending on you financial capacity and expectations. This will help you know whether to go for an armature or an professional wedding photographer. If you happen to go for an experienced photographer, it is important that s/he shows you their work. Ask friends and other relatives to recommend someone, if not look in publications and advertisements to ensure you have the best in the market.
  2. Agree on terms and conditions between yourself and the Wedding Photographer:This means that you need to know the payment terms, alongside details that need to be looked into. You need to inform the photographer of the day’s events and hand him/her a programme of events. Ensure they are familiar with the location of the wedding and places where other photo-shoot  will take place. It is advisable that the agreement be documented and signed by the two parties involved. This will ensure that you get the desired service professionally. Agree on how the end product should look like, whether you want soft copies alongside digital prints.  Take a look at his/her photography equipment together with earlier photography work to help you know what to expect from the person.

    longhairrealbride 229x300 Wedding Photography Tips for The Couples in Kenya

    Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

  3. Arrange for a Vehicle for the Wedding Photographer and or Videographer: This needs to be done if the person does  not have access to a vehicle. The photographers move along with you to places as you take photos and need to be facilitated, However, you need not make it an expensive affair. It should be simple car as it will not appear in the images. Some experienced photographers would not need the arrangement as they are prepared for the work, but just confirm whether you need such an arrangement.
  4. Scout for Good Wedding Photo-shoot Places: You might want to do some thing as simple as taking photos where you held the wedding or want a special place for the shoot. There are many nice places you could visit and take the photos however you need to make advance booking before they let you in. Many towns have been blessed to have gardens that offer nice photo-shoot scenery. The coastal area have beaches that offer you the taste of the ocean scenery. You could also choose to take pictures in a car garage or riding a horse, just be creative and not closed minded. Don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with. If the place requires that you pay to reserve then pay in advance, don’t wait to be disappointed later.
  5. Create an Important Photo-shoot List: This is a detailed order of who needs to be captured in the photos.  The list should include all the people with whom you need to take a photo with. Make sure to discuss the list as a couple to be, since you might not know the expectations of your spouse.
  6. Assign a Family member to Coordinate the Family Photo-shoot: This task should be delegated to one of the family members to coordinate. They should be able to identify all the family members from both sides. The person should be an organized and respectable person.
weddingparty1 Wedding Photography Tips for The Couples in Kenya

Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

Relax and enjoy your wedding photography

In as much as the wedding photographer is out doing his/her thing. Your work ends the day before the wedding ceremony. Give him charge and let him get assistance from the family coordinator. Let them know that you will rely on their guidance completely. Once you’ve done your bit then go ahead and let the family coordinator and the photographer take charge.

Lastly enjoy your wedding, have fun, dance if you can, after all wedding photography is only a part of your wedding celebration and not the end of it.


  • http://picturekenya.com Owich

    Thanks Renee and Smile Kenya, Photography is something very important in the wedding plan and should  be valued by every couple

  • http://smilekenya.com Smile Kenya

    nice tips, by the way how can you tell a good photographer, Videographer, can you judge them by their equipment and if so what type of equipment should they have, i remember a case in point when a videographer had lost the first part of a video that was not recoverable

  • http://bridalblisskenya.com Renee

    These are the tips couples need! Every couple wants to have great photos for their big day. Great article.