21st Jul2011

Birdwatching Secrets in Kenya

by Owich

Birdwatching secrets in Kenya refers to is a form of tourism that refers to observing birds of all kinds in their natural state. Kenya happens to have plenty of birds in the country’s stunning biodiversity. Wild Birds can also be found in simple places like Nairobi roadways among other places including your own backyard.

helpedbirdpics 300x146 Birdwatching Secrets in Kenya

Birdwatching Secrets in Kenya

Birds include poultry that’s domesticated by many Kenyans. Many households have taken to domesticating various breeds of chicken, ducks, and the all famous goose family.

This is encouraged as it creates interdependent relationship between the birds and human beings.

However there are some rather unusual and wild species of birds that are unique to the African territory.  They are unusual because you would rarely get the opportunity to see them.

When I was young I remember seeing more Horn bills fly as they migrate across the Kenyan Equatorial sky. These days that would be a very rare opportunity as people didn’t value their existence then.

Birdwatching Secrets in Kenya and Human Relationships

Some wild birds luckily made it into Kenyan households and changed to become pets.  Among those that made it include the parrot. A Parrot  interestingly  mimic’s what you say and is so much fun to be with. However, if you want to keep parrots then you need to show real concern for them and not just offer shelter as they value company too. One needs to learn about proper bird-care to be able to have one as a pet.

parrot Birdwatching Secrets in Kenya

Pictures of Parrots

Some birds don’t require allot of effort to attract as they look for worm food and fallen grains in your backyard. It is important that we treasure these birds and care for all animals including birds. Some places in western Kenya have even gone to a greater extent to name places after birds found in the area e.g. Shamakhokho in Sabatia Constituency and Makhokho in Ikolomani constituency are local names referring to the huge number of crows found there.

Places Renown for Hording Birdwatching Secrets in Kenya

Nairobi National Park and environs are home to very many species of birds beginning with the Marabou Stork which actually flies over the Uhuru highway. Marabou stork is so naughty to the extent it decorates automobiles parked along the highway with white poo.

The bird is one of its own kind as it has the rare ability to fly against an oncoming storm. The wings are powerful enough to sustain the huge body in the air and if the storm overwhelms it then it fly’s above it.

FlameHeart 300x187 Birdwatching Secrets in Kenya

Flamingos in Lake Nakuru

Secret Flamingos lakes

Lake Nakuru national park is also famous for the huge numbers of flamingos . The park is 156kms away from Nairobi and a stone’s throw away from Nakuru town.

The flamingos paint the shoreline of the lake pink which is very captivating. The pink flamingos form a rare spectacle with their pattern of feeding which involves feeding on plants.

Tourists enjoy the the lakes sky-mirrored waters in addition to flamingos. the lakeside is a sure paradise whereby tourists will have  nothing short of fun and enjoyment.


The park is home to 450 species of terrestrial, fish eating and migratory birds. This include;

  • The Pelican
  • The Secretary and Hammer-Kop species

Lake Turkana, Bogoria, and Natron also supports important congregations of lesser flamingo and other waterbirds.

bluebirdhouse Birdwatching Secrets in Kenya

Bird House

Bird Conservation in Kakamega Forest

East of Kakamega town in Western Kenya lies Kakamega forest which is home to many birds, the mid-altitude tropical rain forest of approximately 10,000ha of closed canopy to the eastern; which is  a remnant of the tropical rainforest that once once extended to the Central Africa.

Kakamega forest is significant for bird conservation as it is home to two bird species that are globally threatened i.e. Chapin’s Flycatcher and Turner’s Eremomela. Kakamega also hosts fifteen regionally threatened bird species .

Other Bird watching places

Highland grassland on the Kinangop plateau and Mau-Narok supports Jackson’s widow bird and other restricted birds. Masai Mara Bird safaris will help you see many Unknown African birds if you take a birdwatching vacation. Hell’s gate National park is a breeding ground for vultures and eagles which exist in the area. With these birdwatching secrets in Kenya I let you to experience Kenya in the best way possible.