23rd Jun2011

Why Picture Kenya?

by Owich

It is true that Picture Kenya is very unique in many ways.

Kenya is a country of great people and cultures. It is also true that we have a habit of capturing photos of things and events that matter most in our life.

Why Picture Kenya?

kenya map11 256x300 Why Picture Kenya?

Picture Kenya

The Images you remain with are the ones you treasure and want to retain forever.

You hold on to the best moments with your loved ones, the places you visited together, the meals you shared.

You create photo albums and store the pictures for treasured memories.

You tag your friends along and share on all forms of social media.

You call your friends to look at your Wedding Photos, laugh at Funny Photos and experience the joy and pleasure that the photo or picture creates in you.

Really why Picture Kenya?

  • Kenyan people are very unique and we cant help but love them.
  • Kenyan culture speaks out; The Masai community being regarded as the most outstanding in traditional values even in the 21st Century.
  • The Places to visit are very plentiful; The Masai Mara, The Mount Kenya, The Mount Kilimanjaro, The Lakes, The Wildlife and the Great Rift valley are just but a few.
  • The Men and Women
  • The Industrious Spirit of Kenyans
  • The Form Leadership the country has surpasses that of many other Nations by far
  • Cause We want to remember the places and experiences we have in Kenya forever.
  • Or we capture simply cause we bought a Nice Camera and Love Taking Photos

What About Picture Kenya?

images of Mara Kenya Why Picture Kenya?

Picture Kenya

The pictures you take, speak about the places you’ve been in and hold dear in your inmost being. That’s why you need to take Pictures of Kenya whether with your camera, phone or whichever means you’ll use.

Just Go-ahead and take the Picture.

Lets Treasure those memories, so I urge you once again take your Camera and lets Picture Kenya.